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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to foster of adopt from MuffinPug Rescue?

Please click here and fill out the online form. If you have any questions or need any support please email

How do I surrender my dog to MuffinPug Rescue?

Here at MuffinPug Rescue UK, we understand how difficult it can be to even contemplate surrendering your pug.  We are not here to pass judgement or question your reasons; we just want to help in any way we can. Click here to find out further information.

How can I make a difference?

From donating to MuffinPug Rescue, becoming a volunteer, creating an event or becoming a MuffinPug Magic Maker, there are many ways in which you can help make a real difference. 

Please feel free to apply using the application form or email with any questions or idea of help you may have. Alternatively you can submit a question via the online contact form. 

Can I set up a recurring monthly donation to MuffinPug Rescue?

We have been asked on numerous occasions if it could be possible for our many friends and supporters of MuffinPug Rescue to be able to make a monthly payment by direct debit to help with our ever increasing vet’s bills. If you would like to be able to send a little something every month, it really would make a significant difference. We thank you all for your continued support, without which we simply could not offer the care we give. Click here to donate.

Can I arrange a fundraiser on behalf of MuffinPug Rescue?

Of course! Helping to spread awareness of the charity and raising money for a good cause is always welcome! We can provide you with as much or little support as you wish. Our network of Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers are always happy to support. For more information on how you can help, or to share your ideas, please email or use the contact form.

How do I sponsor a pug?

This is something that we are working very hard on and want to make it perfect for you before we launch it. Keep an eye on our social media; it will be coming very soon!

Where do all the pugs come from?

Pugs come into the rescue from a large number of different places. Sometimes they come to us with their full history, and sometimes they don’t even have their own harness let alone history. At MuffinPug Rescue, we never judge; we always focus on their new lives.

Where are we based? 

MuffinPug Rescue believe that pugs do not thrive in a kennel environment. They are loving, sociable that love contact with other dogs and humans. We have built up a large network of Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers across the UK that home foster until their forever home is found. Our rescue is registered in Cheshire, however we operate all over the UK, North to South, East to West.

How do I get matched with the perfect dog? 

Once we receive your application, we will allocate it to one of our Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers within your local area. They will make contact with you to arrange a home check.

During the home check, we will ask about yourself, your lifestyle, your family, your knowledge and your preferences. There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. We aim to gather as much information as possible to match the perfect dog for you. 

Based on this information and in-depth assessments we complete on our dogs, we will match you to the perfect dog. Once a match is made, we will be in contact to provide all the details of your new family member.

How long will it take for me to find out if I pass/fail a home check? 

Fairy Pug Parents do not issue a pass or a fail; at the end of the home check, they pass on all the information for a match to be made. After your home check our Fairy Pug Parents will pass your documents onto one of our regional coordinators and the head of the rescue. 

If we have a pug waiting and ready for their forever home that matches your home check, it could be a matter of hours before you hear back from us. We aim to contact all of our home checks within a week to advise them of the next steps. 

My existing dog is not spayed or neutered, can I still apply to adopt/foster? 

MuffinPug Rescue we always try to ensure our dogs are spayed or neutered before making their way to their forever homes. This is for peace of mind to us and reduce the risk of health problems later in life. From experience, placing a rescue dog with another dog who is entire can lead to additional behavioural problems and issues. Therefore we will avoid putting a MuffinPug within this home. There may be exceptional circumstances, for further information please email or use the contact form.

What is the adoption donation? 

Upon a successful home check and being matched with a dog we ask for an adoption donation. This is a standard £500.00 donation that will go back into the rescue to support more dogs in need. All MuffinPug Rescue dogs come neutered or spayed, fully vet checked, blood tested, microchipped and with 5 weeks free insurance. You also have access to a huge community of people who will be able to support you with any problems or concerns that may arise. The knowledge and experience within our community is invaluable to any pug owner. Our community often arranges walks, meetups and events so there will be lots of ways to get involved. Depending on travel distance, a small donation may be appropriate to the Fairy Pug Parent to cover costs of petrol. 

What if no one has been in contact with me? 

As you will appreciate we are a non-profit organisation that is run and managed by a network of volunteers. If you have not had any contact, please do not hesitate to chase us by messaging us on Facebook or emailing

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