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Sponsor a Pug

Full Sponsorship

£50 per year


  • A welcome letter from MuffinPug herself

  • An information leaflet about the Pug you are sponsoring

  • Over £30 worth of MuffinPug Merchandise

  • Access to their Facebook group so you can follow their adventures

  • Updates 3 times a year

Monthly Sponsorship

Minimum of £2 per month


  • Access to their Facebook group so you can follow their adventures

  • Updates 3 times a year

  • A MuffinPug window sticker

Citrus Fruits

Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar

When Willy Wonka was rescued he was toothless, smelly and neglected, with one eye. MuffinPug saved him. He has had all his teeth removed. Willy loves other pugs and loves to snuggle. He can’t walk for very long as his back legs get tired. Willy is very friendly and having one eye and being deaf doesn’t stop him missing anything either. Willy is just an all round lovely little Pug who just wants to be loved. Willy needs our help for the rest of his life.

Willy Wonka.jpeg

Sherman Tank Cake

Sherman arrived at MuffinPug Rescue during lockdown 2020. He was sadly surrendered by his owners who knew he needed care. Sherman has lost weight since his rescue, but X-rays show that Sherman has a luxating patella, possible disc compression and neurological disease. He is going to need our support for the rest of his life, as Sherman is a Forever Foster. We will form a plan for his treatment to ensure that Sherman lives the best of the rest of his life. Please sponsor Sherman if you are able.

Image (15).jpeg

Evie Eve’s Pudding and Maisie Madeleine

Muffin Pug will always help and never turn away those who need her. The breeder of these two beautiful Corgi’s was selling them to one of the meat trucks in China. Saving Harbin Dogs stepped in and thankfully saved them from a terrible fate. Evie and Maisie are safely in England and they represent each ‘Not Quite Pug’ saved from a terrible fate in China and those yet to be saved. MuffinPug said ‘The journey to support these Pugs (NQP) will be extremely tough on our resources and emotions, but we cannot stand back and watch! Please help MuffinPug to save others who have no voice with a sponsorship.

Image (13).jpeg


Flora is a dear little Pug rescued in China, along with three other Pugs and two Pekingnese. She arrived in England in April 2022 and she will be needing lifelong sponsorship because she is totally blind. If you can help Flora by sponsoring her monthly or yearly, it would really make a difference. Rescued from one of the heinous meat markets in China, Flora has a chance at a wonderful new life and will be in the safe paws of MuffinPug for the rest of her life.

Prince Axel of China

Axel was snatched from the butchers at the meat trade in China. He was rescued with 4 other puppies, unfortunately the other 3 had passed away before they got to travel across to the UK. Axel suffered from extremely bad skin condition, blindness, deafness, bad legs and a luxating patella. Dogs in China are hung by their back legs to ‘make them easier to handle’, this causes horrendous issues when they are saved. Now at 18 months old he has found four paws. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, however he is an extremely naughty boy. He still needs to have revision surgery on his legs and patellas meaning he will be in our care for the rest of his life.

Image (8).jpeg

Buzz Toy Story Cake & Shelby Thomas Shortbread

Buzz and Shelby are now brothers that live together, however they both have very different reasons for being MuffinPug Rescue Dogs. Buzz was a very lucky boy to be in the care of MuffinPug Rescue. We were alerted to a female pug who was up for sale, when we went to pick her up, we found three of her puppies with her. They all looked in a terrible state. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us have the 3 puppies as we didn’t have enough money on us, so we created an urgent fundraising appeal between the Fairy Pug Mothers and Fathers to raise enough to save all 4 of them. Jessie, the mum was only 11 months old and the puppies were very young at about 6-8 weeks old. All 4 suffered with demodex mange and their skin was terrible, but poor little Buzz was also suffering from pneumonia. It was touch and go if he would survive. He pulled through, and now he is loving his life but will always have a weak chest and requires ongoing care.

Shelby is 14 months old and is deaf. He has a heart condition called pulmonic stenosis. After a full heart scan and check up with one of our vets we have been advised it is a 7 out of 10 on the severity scale. As he is a bulldog it makes it extremely hard for them to operate, therefore is on heart medication for the rest of his life. We hope that he lives a long life, but there is a chance his condition may eventually catch up with him. Buzz and Shelby will need constant medical attention from MuffinPug Rescue, but they are leading a loving and happy life.


Sophie and Pepe

Sophie Sponge Cake arrived in a rescue aged six weeks old. She was tiny, suffering from a severe respiratory infection and needed constant care and attention to ensure her survival. Sophie has a fun and boisterous personality. She has had BOAS surgery and has complex medical issues. She lives happily with her brother Pepe, who was born whilst in the care of MuffinPug, his mother Brenda arrived into rescue, pregnant at Christmas time.

Image (16).jpeg
Image (10).jpeg

Harry Winter Pudding

Harry has Pug Myelopathy and is a wheelie Pug. He is immobile and this brings many challenges for him, which he meets head on. Harry is eleven years old, very happy and he will need support for the remainder of his life.


Rowena Spiced Pumpkin Toffee Apple Cak

When MuffinPug hears a desperate cry for help she cannot turn her back. Rowena was born in Bosnia and has been rescued by MuffinPug. She is only eighteen months old and was very badly treated by human hands in Bosnia. She is now in the UK and needs our forever care; her skull was fractured, causing damage to the left frontal lobe of her brain and causing her to lose sight in one of her eyes.


Her spine is damaged and she spins in circles. Despite her treatment in Bosnia, she has nothing but love to give and we want to make sure that she has all the therapy and special treatment she needs to live a happy life. With your kind support and sponsorship we can ensure that Rowena receives all the help we can give her, Rowena just loves to play. Rowena will be in the care of MuffinPug for the rest of her life.

Monthly Sponsor

Beatrice Black Bun

Beatrice was rescued from a terrible situation in Bosnia, along with eight other Pugs and Frenchies. Discarded and abandoned by a breeder, Beatrice and her friends did not have any future. Beatrice had to have surgery to remove tumours from her mammary glands. Without this surgery, Betarice’s life would have been cut short in just a few months. There was no alternative but for MuffinPug to act quickly to save her. With your generous support and sponsorship Beatrice can live the life she truly deserves, here in the UK. She will receive the best continuing care under the safe paws of MuffinPug for the rest of her life.

Image (9).jpeg

Morgan Mojito Mousse Cake

When Morgan was rescued he weighed far too much at 14kg and he was receiving medication for epilepsy. His front paws were scraping on the ground and his back legs were dragging along. Morgan was in a sorry state and he was extremely wobbly, walking with a sway. Sadly his owner had passed away and the lady looking after him fed him rather too much of a poor diet and he received very little exercise.

It emerged that Morgan did not need medication for epilepsy as he had never had a fit and the dosage he was taking was very high. He would have to be weaned off this very slowly rather than withdrawing the medication all in one go. Last week, Morgan had to have fourteen teeth removed, his breath was very bad and his teeth rotten. His paws still drag and he is quite wobbly, so it is likely that Morgan suffers from a neurological problem, therefore he will be under the care of MuffinPug for the rest of his life. Morgan now weighs 9.5kg and is living happily ever after with his forever foster family.

Image (12).jpeg
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